Carbon Monoxide Alarms with 10 Years of Battery Life

10-year battery-life carbon monoxide alarms all come with sealed-for-life lithium batteries These are ideal if you want the peace of mind of the longest-life solution.  If you are worried about people taking batteries out for the remote control, or not confident you will check your alarm is in working order regularly, then a sealed-battery option will be best for you.

For even more peace of mind you could look to get a mains powered alarm with lithium battery back up.

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Aico Ei208WRF 10-Year Sealed Battery with multi-alarm Interconnectivity - COD25

Plus AudioLink diagnostics to your smart phone
£47.63 £59.99

Honeywell XC100D - 10-Year Sealed Battery with Display- COD9

Suitable for damp environments
£29.80 £42.95

Honeywell XC100 10-Year Sealed Battery Alarm - COD8

Suitable for damp environments
£23.63 £34.95

Aico Ei262 Mains Powered with 10-Year Battery Backup and Interconnectivity- COD27

AudioLink Diagnostics to Your Smart Phone
£69.75 £89.95

Kidde 10LLCO 10-Year Sealed Battery - COD13

Basic long-life option
£19.60 £29.95

Aico Ei261 ENRC Mains Powered with 10-year Sealed Battery Backup - COD26

With Audiolink Diagnostics to Your Smart Phone
£46.58 £59.95

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