Our Carbon Monoxide news round-up for June

Brentwood mum 'let down' by council's response to carbon monoxide poisoning

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A mum of two, Amie Wooles, of Ongar Road in Brentwood, felt let down by Brentwood Borough Council because her family suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at her council property.

Amie noticed that she and her children had been suffering from sickness and stomach cramps for several weeks. She then realised the risk by doing an internet search of her symptoms.

Local authorities are not legally required to install carbon monoxide detectors in council properties, however legislation brought in 2015 states that landlords leasing private properties are required to put smoke alarms in all properties and carbon monoxide monitors in any room containing a solid fuel burning appliance.

Our say

Why would council properties not be included in the 2015 law? And why would local authorities then not do more to ensure the tenants are educated on the risks?

We believe it should be the law for all properties that have any fossil fuel burning appliance to have a carbon monoxide monitor installed.

Post by : Warren Davey


Posted by Stephanie Trotter, OBE on

CO-Gas Safety agrees that ALL rented property should have carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to EN 50291 bought from a reputable supplier. However surely it would be better to make sure that people are not exposed to CO in the first place? Therefore the charity considers that the landlord’s gas safety check should include a service or a test of the flue gasses using equipment capable of testing for CO. CO alarms should be there as an extra safeguard. Please see http://www.co-gassafety.co.uk/about-co/prevention/
We agree that everyone should be better educated about the dangers of CO. CO-Gas Safety has been lobbying for prime time TV warnings since 1995. http://www.co-gassafety.co.uk/one-survivors-story/

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